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Illumination Crystal Lash Lift Glue

Illumination Crystal Lash Lift Glue

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  • Non-Drip Formulation💧: Experience clean and accurate application, minimizing cleanup while maintaining your signature precision.
  • Unmatched Adhesion🔒: Achieve a reliable hold that stands up to long days, ensuring a lasting lash lift and consistent results.
  • Flawless Finish👌: Illumination Crystal Lash Lift Glue offers the perfect balance of professional strength and elegant clarity, for a stunning visual effect.


Product descriptions: 

Unlock a world of dazzling possibilities with every lift, as you create luminous Lashes that captivate and inspire. Turn the ordinary into extraordinary — enhance your lash artistry with the Illumination Crystal Lash Lift Glue.

  • 5 ml 
  • Clear Color
  • Suitable for all eyes
  • Made of non-allergenic and high quality.
  • Store in original packaging.
  • In a cool Dry space. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • keep away from heat sources.
  • For professional use only.


Comprised of single-use specifically designed sachets with a quantity that is enough to carry out each step perfectly, they are sealed for freshness and one-time use to ensure minimal wastage and ensure maximum hygiene throughout the eyelash perm process.
The nourishing solution of our eyelash lift lotion is applied after the lash lift process to act as a protective sealant for your lashes. It helps to strengthen lashes and keep them hydrated to prevent any breakage.



Please be careful when storing perm solution in cold temperatures. If the temperature falls below zero or near zero degrees Celsius, separation could occur and affect the quality.

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