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Lash Lift Balm Type Glue

Lash Lift Balm Type Glue

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Introducing a newly formulated product designed for enhanced applicability and convenience compared to standard commercial offerings. 
With a gel-like consistency, this balm-style adhesive makes application smoother and easier, while its gel base ensures freshness and prevents drying out and hardening over time. Unlike other adhesives on the market, our gel-style lift balm offers superior application and adhesion.

Experience the ease and precision of Dlux Lash Lift Balm. 
Crafted with a subtly liquid consistency, this special formula ensures ease of use. To maintain product freshness, store it refrigerated.


  • Natural Lashes can be adjusted throughout the procedure as needed
  • Lashes are protected and nourished with this rich hydrating lash balm
  • Quick and easy application and wrapping
  • Reduced processing time due to faster penetration


Directions for use :

  1. Apply lash glue balm to lashes and lash pad with a microfibre brush.
  2. Brush lashes in an upward direction using a microfibre brush and Y Comb.
  3. Proceed with lash lift steps 1 & 2
  4. Remove balm with Step 3 Serum.


  • Enhanced Applicability: Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional adhesives! Our balm boasts a gel-like consistency that ensures smoother and easier application. Enjoy effortless precision every time.
  • Superior Adhesion: Unlike other adhesives on the market, our gel-style lift balm offers unparalleled adhesion. Your natural lashes stay perfectly in place throughout the procedure, allowing for seamless adjustments as needed.
  • Nourishing Hydration: Experience the benefits of our rich hydrating lash balm. Not only does it protect your lashes during the lifting process, but it also nourishes them, promoting healthier-looking lashes with each use.
  • Quick Application: With its subtly liquid consistency, our special formula ensures ease of use. Save time with quick and easy application and wrapping, allowing for a smoother and more efficient process.
  • Faster Results: Thanks to its gel base, our balm facilitates faster penetration, reducing processing time. Enjoy stunning results in less time than ever before. 

Not Recommended:

Product Preparation: It is advisable to gently warm the product before use, especially if it transitions to a liquid state. If needed, warm it for 3 to 5 minutes in a suitable heater, or allow it to reach room temperature for one to two hours before application.


Liquid-type special formulas may exhibit flow tendencies when stored at room temperature. Store them in the refrigerator and securely close the cap to prevent any liquid leakage.

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