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LED Glue

LED Glue

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Non Cyano Specifications:

Persistency  :    ★★★★★
Viscosity      :    ★★★★
Flexibility     :    ★★
Stimulus      :    
Retention  :      2 - 3  Weeks
Color         :      Black / Clear
Level         :       Beginner, Intermediate
Drying Time  :  5 seconds

With Cyano Specifications:

Persistency  :    ★★★★★
Viscosity      :    ★★★★
Flexibility     :    ★★★
Stimulus      :    
Retention  :      4 - 5  Weeks
Color         :      Black / Clear
Level         :       Beginner, Advanced
Drying Time  :  1 - 2 seconds

Illuminate Your Lashes with Clarity

Illuminate your beauty routine with our Clear Eyelash Extension Glue! Specially formulated to provide a seamless and natural look, this innovative adhesive is designed to bring out the best in your eyelash extensions. Crafted for precision and clarity, this glue sets quickly under LED light, ensuring a flawless bond that lasts.

1. Invisible Finish: Our transparent formula seamlessly blends with your natural lashes for an undetectable, natural look.
2. Effortless Application: Easy-to-use and quick-drying under LED light, allowing for precise placement and reduced wait times.
3. Secure Hold: Ensures a strong and durable bond, giving you the confidence to flaunt your extensions all day long.

Embrace Bold Beauty with Black

Step into the realm of striking beauty with our Black Eyelash Extension Glue! Engineered for those seeking a more dramatic, defined look, this adhesive offers the same exceptional quality as our clear glue but with a touch of boldness. Cure it under an LED light for a seamless, bold finish that's sure to captivate.

1. Enhanced Definition: The black tint adds depth and definition, framing your eyes for an intense, alluring gaze.
2. Rapid Cure: Quick-setting under LED light, reducing application time while providing a secure and enduring hold.
3. Versatile Style: Perfect for various makeup looks, from everyday elegance to glamorous evenings, elevating your lash game effortlessly. Whichever version you choose, our extension glues are meticulously crafted to elevate your lashes to new heights, ensuring a lasting bond and a mesmerizing look that dazzles.


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