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Lash Lift Balm Type Glue

Lash Lift Balm Type Glue

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Dlux Lash Lift Balm is the lift adhesive you’ve dreamed of.
This balm-style adhesive lets you secure the lashes to the shield quickly
while still allowing the artist to adjust the lashes as needed since the glue does not dry.

This product has an effective balm-based composition that balances strength and precision.
It ensures an unrivaled application experience with minimal mess, making your lash lift service exceptional.

This incredible balm serves as both sustenance and protection.
During the perm treatment, for the lashes.
Lashes are shielded against dehydration and lift products.
They can process more quickly since they do not have to penetrate dry glue.


Recent Upgrade:

We improve the Last Lift Balm formula and consistency to ensure that it will give you high and better quality results.


- Natural Lashes can be adjusted throughout the procedure as needed

- Lashes are protected and nourished with this rich hydrating lash balm

- Quick and easy application and wrapping

- Reduced processing time due to faster penetration

Directions for use :

- Apply lash glue balm to lashes and lash pad with a microfibre brush.

-Brush lashes in an upward direction using a microfibre brush and Y Comb.

- Proceed with lash lift steps 1 & 2

- Remove balm with Step 3 Serum.

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