Rapid No.5 Lash Lift Kit

Rapid No.5 Lash Lift Kit: Elevate Your Clients' Lash Game with Silicone Pads

New and Improved, Lash Lift Bottle and Formula
Rapid No.5 Lash Lift Kit: Elevate Your Clients' Lash Game with Silicone Pads

 Innovative Ceramic Ball Technology

The Rapid No.5 Lash Lift Kit isn't just about speed; it's about elevating the entire lash lifting experience. The packaging incorporates state-of-the-art ceramic ball technology, ensuring the solution's consistency and efficacy. This groundbreaking feature guarantees a smooth and precise application, giving lash artists the confidence to deliver stunning results every time.

Amino-Infused for Superior Results

But the innovation doesn't stop there. The solution in the Rapid No.5 Lash Lift Kit is enriched with amino acids, taking lash lifting to a whole new level. Amino acids contribute to the health and strength of the lashes, ensuring not only a beautiful lift but also promoting overall lash well-being. Clients will love the results, and lash artists can take pride in offering a service that goes beyond aesthetics.

🌿 Aminosan 17 Types Formula: The Lash Elixir: Our upgraded formula is infused with Aminosan 17 Types, a potent blend of amino acids that deeply nourish and fortify your lashes. These essential building blocks promote lash strength, resilience, and overall vitality, ensuring your lashes receive the care they deserve.

Rapid No.5 Lash Lift Kit: Elevate Your Clients' Lash Game with Silicone Pads

💪 Strengthens and Conditions: Rapid No.5 with Aminosan 17 Types is not just about lifting – it's a comprehensive lash care solution. The upgraded formula strengthens each lash from root to tip, preventing breakage and promoting a healthier lash growth cycle.

🚀 Quick and Effortless Lash Lift: Achieve that coveted lifted look in no time! The Rapid No.5 Lash Lift Kit with Aminosan 17 Types offers a rapid, easy-to-use solution for beautifully lifted lashes. The upgraded formula ensures a more efficient and comfortable application process, leaving you with show-stopping results.


Optimal Placement and Lift for Stunning Results: Our Rapid No.5 Lash Lift Kit is designed with newly shaped silicone pads, allowing for optimal placement and lift. Whether your clients have shorter, baby lashes or longer lashes, our unique shape, especially thinner at the inner corner, provides a more precise lift. This attention to detail ensures consistent, beautiful results with every lash lift. 

Perm Paper: In this kit, you'll find 30 premium-quality Perm Papers, carefully crafted to provide a smooth surface for the lifting process. Each Perm Paper is designed to hold lashes securely in place while the lifting solution works its magic.


Rapid No.5 Lash Lift Kit and lash shield

Versatility in Curl Styles: Unlike traditional pads that only offer different sizes of curls, our Dlux Professional Silicone Shields give you the ability to perm lashes in a variety of curl styles. Choose from styles L, LW, S, M, L, XL, S1, M1, L1, and XL1 to cater to your clients' individual preferences. This versatility allows you to customize the lash lift experience and create stunning lash curls tailored to each client's unique style. 

Professional-Grade Quality and Safety


The Rapid No.5 Lash Lift Kit is exclusively designed for professional use. We prioritize safety and comfort, which is why our silicone pads are made of non-allergenic, high-quality soft silicone. Rest assured that your clients will have a comfortable and safe experience during the lash lift process.


Rapid No.5 Lash Lift Kit


Multipurpose, Washable, and Sterilizable: We understand the importance of convenience and hygiene in your professional practice. Our silicone pads are multipurpose, washable, and sterilizable, allowing you to maintain a clean and efficient workspace. Ensure the longevity of your pads by storing them in the original packaging, away from direct sunlight and heat, in a cool dry space.

Rapid No.5 Lash Lift Kit

Suitable for All Eye Shapes: The Rapid No.5 Lash Lift Kit's silicone pads are thoughtfully designed to be suitable for all eye shapes. No matter the client's eye shape or lash length, you can confidently provide them with a customized lash lift experience using our silicone pads.

 Rapid No.5 Lash Lift Kit

Elevate your lash lifting services with the Rapid No.5 Lash Lift Kit and its revolutionary silicone pads. Offer your clients a premium lash lift experience, achieve stunning results, and provide customized curl styles to suit their preferences. With our silicone pads' professional-grade quality, multipurpose nature, and suitability for all eye shapes, you can take your lash game to new heights.


Place your order today and witness the transformation in your clients' lashes!



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