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Silicone Shields

Silicone Shields

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Introducing the Dlux Professional Silicone Shields - the ultimate solution for achieving perfect lash curls with complete control. Our silicone shields are designed to give you the flexibility to perm lashes in a variety of curl styles, unlike traditional pads that are limited by size.

With our silicone shields, you can choose the curl style that suits your client's unique eye shape, making them suitable for all eye shapes. Made of non-allergenic and high-quality soft silicone, they offer maximum comfort for your clients.

Our silicone shields are multipurpose, washable, and sterilizable, making them a convenient addition to your professional lash kit. Simply store them in the original packaging in a cool dry space, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

What sets our Silicone Eyelash Perming Pads apart is their exceptional tension. Thanks to the innovative technology incorporated into their design, these pads provide enhanced control and gripping power, ensuring a more effective and precise curling process. No more settling for mediocre results – achieve the dramatic lash curl you've always dreamed of.

The Dlux Professional Silicone Shields come in a range of sizes, including S, M, L, XL, S1, M1, L1, and XL1, with one pair per size. They are designed for professional use only, ensuring that you get the best results every time.

Achieving perfect lash curls has never been easier. Choose Dlux Professional Silicone Shields for complete control and flexibility, and create stunning lash looks for your clients every time.

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