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Rapid No. 5 Lash Lift Kit

Rapid No. 5 Lash Lift Kit

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Introducing the Rapid No.5 Lash Lift Kit with Revolutionary Silicone Pads! Elevate your clients' lash lifting experience with our premium silicone pads, designed for easy use and stunning results every time.

Premium Formulas: Providing high-quality and effective formulas.


Lotion |  10 m Airless Type Bottle

Step 1: Features the power of Ammonium
Thioglycolate, is a breakthrough ingredient that ensures rapid and effective lash lifting. Say goodbye to dull and lifeless lashes as our Rapid Lift Kit takes your lashes to new heights.

Setting Lotion |  10 m | Airless Type Bottle

Step 2: Incorporates Hydrogen Peroxide

A superior alternative to Sodium Bormate found in the original lash lift kit. This upgraded formula guarantees even better results, providing a safe and reliable way to achieve beautifully lifted lashes. Experience the next level of lash lifting with our Rapid Lift Kit.


Keratin Vitamin Intensive Lotion |10 ml | Airless Type Bottle


Our newly designed shapes offer optimal placement and lift, ensuring impeccable outcomes. The unique shape caters to both right and left eyes, with a slightly thinner inner corner to provide a more precise lift for shorter and baby lashes.

Dlux Professional Silicone Shields allow artists to perm lashes in a variety of curl styles, surpassing the limitations of traditional pads that only offer different sizes of curls. Choose from an array of curl styles, including L and LW, to achieve the perfect lash lift for your clients.

Each set includes silicone pads in sizes S, M, L, and XL, as well as S1, M1, L1, and XL1. With one pair per size, you'll have all the options you need to create customized lash lifts that suit every client's unique eye shape.

Perm Paper: In this kit, you'll find 30 premium-quality Perm Papers, carefully crafted to provide a smooth surface for the lifting process. Each Perm Paper is designed to hold lashes securely in place while the lifting solution works its magic.

These silicone pads are exclusively for professional use and should be stored in a cool, dry space away from direct sunlight and heat. Keep them in their original packaging to maintain their quality. The multipurpose design allows for easy washing and sterilization, ensuring hygiene and longevity.

Crafted from non-allergenic, high-quality soft silicone, these pads prioritize client comfort and safety. They are suitable for all eye shapes, making them a versatile tool for lash lift professionals.

Elevate your lash lifting services with the Rapid No.5 Lash Lift Kit and experience the difference that our revolutionary silicone pads can make. Offer your clients a premium lash lifting experience and achieve stunning results with ease. Order now and take your lash game to new heights!

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