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Ultra Bonder

Ultra Bonder

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"As a Lash Artist our client’s safety is always our top priority. With the introduction of ultra lash bonder artists can feel
confident that their clients are receiving the best experience with little no irritation from adhesive. Clients are able to wake
from their lash nap with stunning lashes, no irritation and the ability to wet lashes within minutes after the service."

DLUX PROFESSIONAL is a leader in eyelash extension innovation. Our unique lash bonder has helped many artists see an increase in client satisfaction and retention. By instantly curing adhesive bond points fumes are reduced and adhesive bonds are left flexible. What does this mean to you as a lash artist?
Clients have seen zero to minimal irritation from fumes and better overall retention.
DLUX PROFESSIONAL Lash bonder is a lash artist’s secret for amazing retention and reduced irritation. This unique formula helps accelerate dry time resulting in a better glue bond awhile also reducing fumes that can cause clients irritation.


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