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STEP 2 SETTING LOTION ( Eyebrow Lamination)

STEP 2 SETTING LOTION ( Eyebrow Lamination)

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The state-of-the-art technique for creating beautifully defined and groomed eyebrows is Dlux Professional's eyebrow lamination eyebrows. Our innovative method helps to stabilize, elevate, and shape the eyebrows, resulting in weeks-long smooth and polished skin.

No More Waste
Goodbye High Maintenance Pre & After Care
Professionally Certified

Comprised of single-use specifically designed sachets with a quantity that is enough to carry out each step perfectly, they are sealed for freshness and one-time use to ensure minimal wastage and ensure maximum hygiene throughout the eyebrow perm process.
Brow lifting is a great way to permanently or semi-permanently lift your eyebrow using THE DLUX LAMINATION EYEBROW KIT

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