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Scent Of Paradise Soft Cream Remover

Scent Of Paradise Soft Cream Remover

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Scent of Paradise Soft Cream Remover – a divine solution for a gentle and effective eyelash extension removal experience. Our luxurious Soft Cream Remover is delicately scented with seven enchanting fragrances, allowing you to choose your favorite aroma for a personalized lash removal ritual.

Choose Your Scent:cr

  1. Lavender Violet: Immerse yourself in the calming and floral notes of lavender violet.
  2. Baby Pink: Indulge in the sweet and delicate scent of baby pink for a soothing lash removal experience.
  3. Lady Red: Experience the bold and empowering fragrance of lady red as you redefine your lash care routine.
  4. Woody Green: Connect with nature through the earthy and refreshing scent of woody green.
  5. Fresh Blue: Elevate your senses with the invigorating and clean aroma of fresh blue.
  6. Milky White: Enjoy the subtle and comforting fragrance of milky white for a tranquil lash removal session.
  7. Cashmere Yogurt: Revel in the luxurious and creamy scent of cashmere yogurt for a truly indulgent experience.

Key Features:

  • Super Silky Smooth Cream Type: Our Soft Cream Remover boasts a silky-smooth texture, ensuring a gentle and comfortable application.
  • 7 Types Scent: Customize your lash removal routine with a variety of captivating scents.

With a calming and sensual feeling, the Scent of Paradise Soft Cream Remover is perfectly created to remove eyelash extensions. The 15ml capacity is ideal for travel and on-the-go use, enabling you to keep up your beauty regimen wherever you are.

Elevate your lash care routine with the Scent of Paradise. Choose your preferred scent, add to your cart, and let the Soft Cream Remover redefine your lash removal experience. Enjoy the heavenly aromas while achieving effortless and effective results. Make each lash removal a personalized journey. Order now and immerse yourself in the paradise-inspired bliss!

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