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Dlux's Primer

Dlux's Primer

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  • Clear Color
  • Drop Type
  • 15 ML
  • No Color Added
  • Perfect Cleansing
  • Smooth Moisturizing
  • Fresh & Mild Ingredients
  • Oil Free


Superior Adhesion: Your lash extensions will adhere longer and firmer with Dlux Primer, providing exceptional performance. 

Faster Application: Your lash application procedure becomes streamlined and effective thanks to its quick-drying composition.

Healthier Lashes: The mild formulation of Dlux Primer maximizes effect while protecting lash health.

Enhanced Lash Health: Our product is made to nourish and safeguard natural lashes as they are being extended.

Quick Drying: You can save time and keep your customer comfortable by using a quick-drying solution.

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