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Hydrating Oil Serum

Hydrating Oil Serum

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Help hydrate and nourish skin with natural oils Bring back a glossy and smooth texture


•Nutrition – Help hydrate and nourish skin with natural oils
•Argana Spinosa Kernal Oil – The healing properties of argan oil combined with Vitamin E, Vitamin A, omega6, omega9 and squalene. Used in a clinical setting to help treat skin inflammation and burns, this nourishing compound helps treat irritated skin.
•Jojoba Seed Oil – Nourish hair right to the root to bring hair back to life and promote hair growth. Perfect for clients with sensitive skin or suffering from inflammation.
•Camellia Japonica Seed Oil – Rich in nutrients such as Vitamin A, B, E and antioxidants. This moisture rich compound rejuvenates hair to bring back a glossy and smooth texture.
•Packaging – Each package comes complete with 5 Flocked Tip Applicators and 5 brushes.

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