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Glue Protector Airless Container

Glue Protector Airless Container

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The Glue Protector Airless Container is an essential tool for keeping your adhesive safe from damage. It is specially designed to protect your adhesive and help prolong its shelf life. With this container, you can store your adhesive in a safe and secure place without worrying about damage. The airless design of the container prevents air and moisture from getting inside, which can cause the adhesive to dry out or become less effective. It is available in two capacities: 1pc Adhesive and 3 pcs Adhesive, giving you the option to store multiple adhesives at once. This is a must-have for any professional lash artist looking to keep their adhesive in top condition.


Size: DASPC 59mm x 59mm x 74mm / DASPC3 75mm x 75mm x 95mm

Color: Black, White

Capacity: Available in 1pc Adhesive / 3 pcs Adhesive 


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