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Eyelash Plate Plastic

Eyelash Plate Plastic

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The perfect tool for all your lash extension needs - Eyelash Extension Plate!

 Our natural curved lash plate is designed to make lash application easier and more efficient than ever before. 

Simply place your lash extensions on our plate for optimal ease of use. The curved design conforms to the natural shape of the eye, making it easy to apply lashes with precision and accuracy.

Our Eyelash Extension Plate also comes with a set of 10 glue label stickers to ensure that your glue is always clean and ready for use. Simply place the provided glue label on top of the label box, and apply your glue on top of the label. The glue label can be removed after each use, keeping your workspace clean and organized.

With our Eyelash Extension Plate, you'll achieve perfect, flawless lashes every time. Say goodbye to messy, frustrating lash application and hello to effortless beauty. Order yours today and experience the difference for yourself!

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