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Eyelash Extensions Gel Glue Remover

Eyelash Extensions Gel Glue Remover

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  • Contains Basic Cosmetic Ingredients - Dissolves the Bonds of the Adhesive Attached Without Damaging the Natural Lashes, Making Lash Removal Effortless. Dlux Professional eyelash glue remover is a fully contained cosmetic ingredients formula basis promotes healthy overall eye-safe. Avoiding possible chemical damage that can happen with some kits on the market currently.
  • Fast Dissolution Gel Texture Eyelash Extension Remover - This eyelash extension glue gel remover Has a Gel Texture and Only Needs a Small Amount of eyelash extension remover. Unlike Liquid Remover Which Can Run, eyelash extension glue remover Stays in Place Allowing for More Control.
  • How to Use - Apply the Eyelash Extensions Gel Remover Gently onto the Extensions with a Lint-Free Applicator or Micro Swab. Let Sit for 5-10 Minutes. Wipe Off Extensions with Care. (Do Not Get the Product into Clients Eyes.) Rinse Well and Make Sure No Residue Remains. We Only Sell to Professionals Only. Super Gentle Formula That Effortlessly Removes Eyelash Extensions Without Compromising the Natural Lash.
  • Professional Luxury Quality Lash Extension Item - All made in Korea, Trusted, and sold in over 42 countries worldwide. High-quality luxury eyelash extension products from Dlux professional.


Please be careful when storing perm solution in cold temperatures. If the temperature falls below zero or near zero degrees Celsius, separation could occur and affect the quality.

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