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Eyelash Extension Glue Classic Royal Quick

Eyelash Extension Glue Classic Royal Quick

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Our professional eyelash extension glue is ideal for lash artists seeking for a dependable and long-lasting adhesive. This glue has a quick drying period and a strong bonding ability, so it will keep your clients' lashes looking gorgeous and natural for weeks.

Even the most sensitive eyes can use our glue because of its mild and hypoallergenic recipe. It is also a comfortable option for the client and the lash artist due to its low fume level.

Customer Satisfaction: Due to the excellent retention period, clients need fewer touch-up appointments, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

Professional Quality: By using Dlux's advanced proprietary formulation, lash artists can provide premium services that live up to clients' high standards.

Safety: This product is also designed with safety considerations, with low fumes making it an appropriate choice for sensitive clients.

In addition to its performance, our glue is also easy to use. The thin and consistent consistency allows for precise application, while the brush applicator makes it simple to apply the glue exactly where you need it.

Overall, our eyelash extension glue is the perfect combination of performance, comfort, and ease of use. Trust us to keep your clients' lashes looking their best!


Dry Time: 1 Sec
Retention: 6 Weeks
Fumes: Medium
Lash Type: Classic
Humidity: 45 - 60%
Temperature: 18 - 28 °C
Level: Expert
Elasticity: Low
Color: Black



Please be careful when storing perm solution in cold temperatures. If the temperature falls below zero or near zero degrees Celsius, separation could occur and affect the quality.

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