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STEP 1 LIFTING LOTION ( Eyebrow Lamination)

STEP 1 LIFTING LOTION ( Eyebrow Lamination)

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Dlux Professional's eyebrow lamination is a cutting-edge method for getting exquisitely styled and defined eyebrows. Our cutting-edge solution helps to lift, contour, and secure the eyebrows, giving the appearance of polished and smooth skin that lasts for weeks.

The somewhat potent yet efficient substances work to smooth out unkempt brows, giving the face a more consistent look and highlighting the inherent beauty of the eyebrows. Clients can have easily perfect brows that frame the face and enhance their overall appearance with Dlux Professional eyebrow lamination.

No More Waste
Goodbye High Maintenance Pre & After Care
Professionally Certified


Comprised of single-use specifically designed sachets with a quantity that is enough to carry out each step perfectly, they are sealed for freshness and one-time use to ensure minimal wastage and ensure maximum hygiene throughout the eyebrow perm process.
Brow lifting is a great way to permanently or semi-permanently lift your eyebrow using THE DLUX LAMINATION EYEBROW KIT

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