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Lash Wrist

Lash Wrist

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Introducing the DLUX Lash Wrist, the ultimate accessory for lash artists on the go. This compact and convenient lash wristband is designed to keep your lashes within arm's reach, ensuring a seamless and efficient lash application process.

The DLUX Lash Wrist features a sleek and functional design, measuring 36 mm x 100 mm. Its compact size allows you to wear it comfortably around your wrist, providing quick and easy access to your lash strips or individual lashes. With the DLUX Lash Wrist, you'll have your lashes conveniently at your fingertips, ready to create stunning lash looks anytime, anywhere.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this handy lash wristband offers durability and versatility. Its sturdy construction ensures that your lash trays or lash strips are securely held in place, preventing any accidental spills or mess. The adjustable strap allows for a comfortable fit, accommodating various wrist sizes.

The DLUX Lash Wrist is not only a practical tool for lash artists but also a time-saving solution. With your lashes securely stored on your wrist, you can eliminate the need to constantly reach for your lash tray, saving valuable time during the lash application process. This wristband is a game-changer for professionals seeking efficiency and convenience.

This versatile lash wristband is suitable for various lash applications, whether you're using lash strips or individual lashes. It keeps your lashes organized and easily accessible, allowing for a seamless and uninterrupted lash application. The DLUX Lash Wrist is a must-have tool for lash artists who prioritize efficiency and precision.

Elevate your lash artistry with the DLUX Lash Wrist. Add it to your cart today and experience the convenience and functionality it brings to your lash application process. Trust DLUX for innovative lash accessories that enhance your professional results.

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