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Crystal Glue Square Plate

Crystal Glue Square Plate

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Introducing the DLUX Glue Square Plate, the perfect accessory for precise and controlled adhesive application. This small but mighty plate is designed to provide a stable and clean surface for your lash adhesive, ensuring optimal performance during eyelash extension applications.

Each pack contains 1 high-quality DLUX Glue Square Plate, offering you the ideal tool for achieving flawless lash extensions. This square plate is carefully crafted to enhance your lash artistry and provide a professional experience.

Measuring at 50mm x 50mm x 8mm, the DLUX Glue Square Plate offers a compact and convenient size. Its small footprint allows for easy placement on your lash workstation, while the 8mm height provides sufficient space for your adhesive drop. This plate is designed to hold just the right amount of lash adhesive, preventing wastage and ensuring controlled application.

The DLUX Glue Square Plate is made from premium materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The smooth surface of the plate allows for easy cleaning, maintaining hygiene and preventing cross-contamination between clients. Its sturdy construction provides stability, keeping your adhesive secure during lash extension procedures.

This versatile square plate is not only suitable for lash adhesive but also for other beauty applications. Use it as a palette for mixing custom lash adhesive shades or for holding other small beauty products during makeup application. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any beauty enthusiast's collection.

Upgrade your lash extension process with the DLUX Glue Square Plate. Add it to your cart today and experience the precision and convenience it brings to your lash artistry. Elevate your professional results with DLUX quality and innovation.

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