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Brush Kit

Brush Kit

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Introducing the DLUX Magnetic Artist Brush with a sturdy metal base and non-slip support, designed for the ultimate precision and control during tinting and lamination services. Our unique brush heads provide various angles and shapes, allowing you to achieve the perfect application and design for your clients' brows and lashes.

Each brush is lightweight and water-resistant, ensuring maximum comfort and durability even with frequent use.

The Rounded Oblique Cut 3mm Bristle Brush is perfect for spreading lash and brow lamination solutions, while the 10mm Oblique Tip Bristle Brush is ideal for creating crisp eyebrow lines and applying brow tint or henna.

For applying tint and creating eyebrow shape lines, we recommend the Straight Cut 6mm Bristle Brush, or the 5mm and 8mm Oblique Tip Bristle Brushes for precision with eyebrow shapes and tint. Our Thin Cut 1mm Tip Bristle Brush is ultra-thin and perfect for spreading brow henna and tint in a narrow line, or for spreading lash lift solutions.

Finally, our Round Cut Tip Brush is perfect for applying tint and cleaning brow lines, as well as applying serums to lashes and brows.

The DLUX Magnetic Artist Brush collection offers a complete range of brushes for all your brow and lash needs, providing comfort and precision for your clients every time.

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