Judge at Lash Legends

DLUX Professional Shines as Sponsor and Judge at Lash Legends 2023 Competition



We are excited to share the remarkable success of DLUX Professional as a proud sponsor of the highly anticipated Lash Legends 2023 Competition.

As the largest lash competition worldwide, this event offers lash artists from around the world an incredible platform to showcase their talents and establish themselves as leaders in the industry. In this blog post, we'll delve into the significance of participating in such a competition and highlight DLUX Professional Norway's esteemed judge, Andrea Elise Hemmingsen Gangså. We'll also celebrate the recognition and trophy bestowed upon the winners, solidifying DLUX Professional's commitment to supporting lash artists and the lash industry as a whole.

Judge at Lash Legends


The Lash Legends 2023 Competition: A Gateway to Success: Lash Legends 2023 Competition stands as the pinnacle event in the lash industry, offering lash artists a chance to gain exposure, establish their brand, and position themselves as industry leaders. With an array of categories to choose from, participants are encouraged to unleash their creativity and push the boundaries of lash artistry. The competition provides a unique opportunity to present their work to a global audience of brands, potential employers, and industry leaders. Winning a prestigious award at Lash Legends can truly propel a lash artist's career to new heights.

DLUX Professional: A Champion of Lash Artists: As a leading provider of high-quality lash products and services, DLUX Professional is dedicated to supporting and uplifting lash artists worldwide.

It is our unwavering commitment to recognizing and celebrating their incredile work that led us to sponsor the Lash Legends 2023 Competition.

By aligning with such an esteemed event, we aim to empower lash artists and provide them with a platform to showcase their skills and talents to a global audience.

Judge at Lash Legends

DLUX Professional Norway's Andrea Elise Hemmingsen Gangså: A Judge of Distinction: We are delighted to announce that Andrea Elise Hemmingsen Gangså, a valued member of DLUX Professional Norway, served as one of the distinguished judges at Lash Legends 2023 Competition.

Andrea's expertise and deep understanding of the lash industry made her an invaluable asset to the judging panel.

Her keen eye for detail and passion for lash artistry ensured fair evaluation and recognition of the participants' exceptional work.

Judge at Lash Legends

Celebrating the Winners and Recognition: At Lash Legends 2023 Competition, DLUX Professional was thrilled to witness the outstanding talent and innovation displayed by lash artists from around the world. The event culminated in a grand award ceremony where winners were recognized and celebrated for their exceptional contributions to the lash industry. DLUX Professional took immense pride in presenting trophies to the deserving winners, acknowledging their dedication and artistry. We believe that these awards not only honor the winners but also inspire others to continue pushing the boundaries of lash artistry.

 DLUX Professional's sponsorship and participation in the Lash Legends 2023 Competition demonstrate our unwavering commitment to supporting lash artists and the lash industry as a whole. This event provides a remarkable platform for lash artists to showcase their talents and gain global recognition.

We congratulate the winners for their outstanding achievements and express our gratitude to Andrea Elise Hemmingsen Gangså for her expertise as a judge.

DLUX Professional remains dedicated to empowering lash artists and celebrating their exceptional work.

Together, let us continue to push the boundaries of lash artistry and create a legacy of beauty and creativity in the industry.

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