Enhance Your Beauty Game this Black Friday with Dlux Professional - A must have Lash Essentials

Beauty lovers around the world are getting ready for some amazing sales and bargains as Black Friday approaches. If you enjoy beauty, now is the time to splurge on some high-end products to improve your regular regimen. We have everything you need at Dlux Professional to make this Black Friday one to remember. For your Black Friday beauty haul, we'll highlight our must-have lash lift kit, lash shampoo, lash glue and lash extension in this article.


Rapid No. 5 Lash Lift Kit

The Dlux Professional Lash Lift Kit:

Our Dlux Professional Lash Lift Kit makes getting the ideal lash lift simpler than ever. This package is the solution if you're sick of curling your eyelashes every morning or just want something more durable.

What's inside the kit?

Lash lift solution

Lash lift glue

Silicone lash shields

Y-comb brush

Lash lift tool

Step-by-step instructions

With the help of this complete package, you can get gorgeously raised lashes that open up your eyes and give you a rested, wide-eyed appearance. With this package, you can say goodbye to mascara and eyelash curlers and say hello to gorgeous, natural-looking lashes that stay for weeks.

pure lash lift shampoo

Dlux Professional Lash Shampoo:

It's equally crucial to take good care of your eyelashes after the initial procedure. Our Dlux Professional Lash Shampoo is a kind yet efficient way to keep your lash lift in place. Our lash wash is a game-changer because ordinary mascara and eye makeup removers might break the binding of your elevated lashes.

Why you need it?

Oil-free and gentle formula

Removes makeup, dirt, and debris

Keeps lashes clean and healthy

Regular use of our lash shampoo will not only preserve your lash lift but also promote overall lash health, ensuring your investment in beautiful lashes lasts longer.

lash lift eco glue

Dlux Professional Lash Glue:

The unsung hero of the lash industry is lash glue. To make sure your lifted lashes stay in place and look perfect, a high-quality adhesive is essential. Our Dlux Professional Lash Glue is made with a strong bond in mind while also being eye-safe.

What makes it special?

Latex-free and hypoallergenic


Long-lasting hold

Whether you're a lash professional or a DIY enthusiast, our lash glue is a must-have for keeping your lifted lashes secure and intact throughout the day.

Include these Dlux Professional lash necessities in your Black Friday cosmetic purchase. Your keys to developing and keeping gorgeous, lifted lashes that complement your natural beauty are the Lash Lift Kit, Lash Shampoo, Lash Glue and lash extension.

Invest in high-quality items that will make your daily beauty routine simpler and more fun as you look for Black Friday beauty discounts.

Elevate your lash game and enjoy the confidence that comes with gorgeous lashes, all thanks to Dlux Professional. Don't miss out on our Black Friday promotions and get ready to transform your beauty routine with these essential lash products. Happy shopping! 

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