DLUX LED Glue – Unveiling the Magic of Clear and Black Eyelash Extension Adhesives!

Attention, Lash Artists and Salon Owners!

We're thrilled to introduce DLUX PROFESSIONAL's latest innovation – the DLUX LED Glue, available in two stunning variants: Clear and Black. Dive into the world of enhanced beauty with our game-changing eyelash extension adhesives designed to make your work easier and your clients' lashes more dazzling than ever.

Let's shine a spotlight on the features that will transform your lash game, especially under the brilliance of LED light.

Clear Eyelash Extension Glue: Illuminate with Natural Perfection

Crafted for precision and clarity, our Clear Eyelash Extension Glue is a must-have for those who seek a seamless and natural look. Here's why it's the perfect addition to your lash toolkit:


Benefits for You and Your Clients:

  1. Invisible Finish: Your clients will love the undetectable, natural look created by our transparent formula, seamlessly blending with their natural lashes.
  2. Effortless Application: As a lash artist, you'll appreciate the easy-to-use and quick-drying formula that sets rapidly under LED light. This allows for precise placement, reducing both application time and wait times for your clients.
  3. Secure Hold: Ensure a strong and durable bond, giving your clients the confidence to flaunt their extensions all day long.

Black Eyelash Extension Glue: Bold and Beautiful

For those clients seeking drama and definition, our Black Eyelash Extension Glue is the answer. Let's explore why this adhesive stands out:


Benefits for Dramatic Lash Looks:

  1. Enhanced Definition: The black tint adds depth and definition, framing your clients' eyes for an intense, alluring gaze.
  2. Rapid Cure: Quick-setting under LED light not only ensures a secure and enduring hold but also saves you valuable time during application.
  3. Versatile Style: Perfect for various makeup looks, from everyday elegance to glamorous evenings, effortlessly elevating your clients' lash game.



Why DLUX LED Glue?

Whichever version you choose, our extension glues are meticulously crafted to elevate your clients' lashes. The emphasis on LED curing ensures a lasting bond and a mesmerizing look that dazzles under any light. As a lash artist or salon owner, DLUX PROFESSIONAL understands the importance of efficiency and stunning results – and our DLUX LED Glue delivers on both fronts.


In conclusion, step into a world of striking beauty and efficiency with DLUX PROFESSIONAL's newest launch.

Illuminate your clients' beauty routines and captivate them with eyelash extensions that redefine perfection. Upgrade your lash arsenal today!

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