The Do's and Don'ts of Caring for Your New Lash Lift Needs!

A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that enhances your natural lashes by curling and lifting them from the root. The process involves applying a lifting solution to your lashes and then setting them onto silicone rods or pads that curl them upwards. This creates a dramatic, wide-eyed effect, making your lashes appear longer, darker, and more full.


Lash lift Immediate Aftercare

After getting a lash lift treatment, it's crucial to avoid water, makeup, and products on the lashes for the first 24-48 hours. This initial period is when the lash lift solution sets and cures, allowing the lashes to maintain their newly lifted and curled shape.

During this period, exposure to water, makeup, or other products can disrupt the lash lift solution, causing the lashes to lose their curl and potentially leading to an uneven or incomplete lift. It's essential to keep the lashes dry and free from any substances that could interfere with the curing process.


Dos: Keeping Lashes Clean and Healthy

Proper cleansing is crucial for maintaining the health and longevity of your lash lift. Use a gentle, lash-safe cleanser specifically designed for the eye area. Avoid oil-based products, as they can break down the lash lift solution and cause premature straightening. When cleansing, be gentle and avoid rubbing or tugging at the lashes.

Instead, use a light patting motion with your fingertips or a clean, damp cloth to remove makeup, dirt, and oils. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, and gently pat dry with a clean towel. Avoid harsh scrubbing or regular facial cleansers, as they may contain ingredients that can compromise the lash lift.


Don'ts: Activities to Avoid

During the first 24-48 hours after your lash lift treatment, it's crucial to avoid activities that can disrupt the delicate process of setting the curl. Steer clear of swimming, saunas, steam rooms, or any exposure to excessive moisture or humidity. These conditions can compromise the lifting solution and cause the lashes to lose their desired curl prematurely.

Additionally, refrain from rubbing or touching your eyes excessively. The lash lift treatment requires time for the lashes to adjust to their new lifted position, and any unnecessary friction or pressure can undo the effects. Avoid using eye makeup remover or oil-based cleansers around the eye area, as these products can break down the lifting solution and cause the lashes to fall flat.


Dos: Maintaining the Lash Lift

To maintain the gorgeous, lifted look of your lash lift treatment, there are a few key steps you should follow:

  • Use a Lash-Lifting Serum: Invest in a quality lash-lifting serum specifically formulated to nourish and condition your lifted lashes. These serums help to keep your lashes healthy, flexible, and in their lifted position for longer. Apply the serum daily as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Brush Your Lashes Regularly: Gently brushing your lashes with a clean, dry spoolie brush can help to maintain the lift and prevent lashes from becoming tangled or stuck together. Brush your lashes in an upward motion, following the natural curl, once or twice a day.
  • Schedule Touch-Up Appointments: Lash lifts typically last between 6-8 weeks, depending on your natural lash growth cycle and aftercare routine. To maintain the lifted look, schedule touch-up appointments with your lash technician every 6-8 weeks. During these appointments, your technician can adjust the lift and ensure your lashes remain in optimal condition.

    By following these simple steps, you can enjoy the gorgeous, wide-awake look of your lash lift for as long as possible. Remember, consistent maintenance and proper aftercare are key to ensuring your lash lift treatment lasts and your lashes remain healthy and beautiful.


    Don'ts: Products to Avoid

    After getting a lash lift, it's crucial to avoid certain products that can undo the treatment or damage your lashes. One of the primary products to steer clear of is waterproof mascara. Long-lasting and water-resistant formulas in waterproof mascaras make them difficult to remove. Attempting to remove waterproof mascara can cause the lifted lashes to become misshapen or even fall out prematurely.


    Dos: Sleeping and Lifestyle Tips

    We recommend sleeping on your back during the first few days after the treatment to ensure your lash lift lasts as long as possible. Sleeping on your back prevents the pillow from crushing or flattening your lashes, potentially compromising their lifted shape. Additionally, the use of a silk pillowcase can reduce friction and shield your lashes from tangles or damage while you sleep.


    Don'ts: Touching or Pulling Lashes

    After getting a lash lift, one of the most important rules is to avoid touching, rubbing, pulling, or picking your lifted lashes. The lash lift treatment involves chemically altering the structure of your natural lashes to create a curled and lifted appearance. Touching or manipulating the lashes after the treatment can undo the effects, causing premature shedding or damage.


    Dos: Seeking Professional Help

    If you experience any irritation, discomfort, or concerns after your lash lift treatment, it's essential to seek professional help. Your lash artist or a qualified esthetician can assess the situation and provide guidance on how to address any issues properly. Attempting to resolve problems on your own could lead to further complications or damage to your lashes.

    Some instances where you should consult a professional include:

    • Persistent redness, swelling, or itching around the eye area
    • Unusual discharge or crusty buildup on the lashes
    • Excessive lash shedding or breakage
    • Severe discomfort or pain in the eye area

    A professional can determine the cause of your concerns and recommend appropriate solutions, such as using specific eye drops, adjusting aftercare routines, or even redoing the lash lift if necessary. Seeking expert advice guarantees prompt and correct resolution of any potential issues, safeguarding the health and integrity of your lashes.


    Don'ts: DIY Lash Lifts

    Attempting to perform a lash lift at home can be incredibly risky and is strongly discouraged. Lash lift treatments involve the use of chemical solutions and specialized tools, which require proper training and expertise to handle safely. Without the necessary knowledge and experience, you could end up causing severe eye irritation, chemical burns, or even permanent damage to your natural lashes.




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