Don't Lash Out How Proper Aftercare Keeps Your Lashes Lifted!

A lash lift, a popular salon treatment, uses a perm solution to gently curl your natural eyelashes upwards. Unlike lash extensions that glue on fake lashes, a lash lift works with your own lashes to create a beautiful curl that lasts 6–8 weeks.

The main benefits of a lash lift include:

  • Opening up the eyes for a more awake, youthful appearance
  • Enhancing your natural lashes so they look longer, fuller and lifted without mascara
  • No need for eyelash curlers anymore - your new curl will stay put rain or shine
  • Much lower maintenance than lash extensions - just an occasional touch up appointment needed
  • Lasts as long as the growth cycle of your natural lashes

With proper aftercare, a lash lift can give you gorgeous curled lashes for weeks on end. Follow the tips below to maximize your results.


Avoid Water

It's crucial to avoid getting your lashes wet for at least 24–48 hours after having a lash lift. Water can cause the perm solution to break down prematurely, compromising the results. Even steam from a shower can be problematic.

The perm chemicals take a full day or two to set and fully process the natural lashes. Exposure to water during this period can lead to issues such as:

  • The curl not taking properly or lasting as long
  • Lashes becoming stick straight again
  • Lashes becoming brittle or damaged
  • The perm solution dripping into eyes, causing irritation

To keep your new lifted lashes intact, avoid washing your face or hair, and be very careful not to get the lashes wet if showering or bathing. It's best to keep moisture away from the eyes entirely.


Be Gentle

Following a lash lift, it's important to be very gentle with your lashes. Rubbing your eyes or picking or pulling at your lashes can disturb the shape of the lift and cause lashes to fall out prematurely.

Avoid rubbing your eyes at all costs. If they itch, use a clean cotton swab to gently sweep away any irritation or particles. Also, try not to play with or pull on your lashes while they're setting in the new lifted shape. This can cause lashes to become misaligned or fall out. Let them sit undisturbed.


Results Vary

A lash lift's results can vary significantly from person to person depending on individual lash health, thickness, and growth cycles. Various factors contribute to the results of a lash lift.

  1. Natural lash length and thickness - Shorter, thinner lashes may not hold a curl as well. Longer, thicker lashes tend to get better lift results.
  2. Lash growth cycles - Lashes go through growth phases, rest phases, and shedding phases. Lifts work best when lashes are in the growth phase so the curl sets properly.
  3. Lash care between appointments - How you care for lashes daily impacts lift longevity. Proper aftercare is key.
  4. Lash type - Asian lashes tend to be stick straight and resist holding a curl. Curl retention improves with repeated lifts.
  5. Chemical treatments - Perms, dyes, and other chemical treatments weaken lashes over time, reducing curl hold.
  6. Medical conditions - Conditions like hypothyroidism can lead to weaker, more brittle lashes.
  7. Lifestyle factors - Things like swimming, humidity, rubbing eyes excessively etc. can impact how long a lift lasts.

    Results also depend heavily on the skill and technique of your lash stylist. Finding an experienced professional is important for getting the best lift and longevity. Expect results to vary but improve over repeat lifts as your lashes get conditioned.

    Key takeaways

    Getting a lash lift can give you beautiful curled lashes for weeks at a time. But in order to get the best, longest-lasting results, it's crucial to follow the proper aftercare steps. Here's a quick recap of the key steps:

    1. Avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24-48 hours after the treatment. This means no showering, swimming, etc.
    2. Use only the recommended aftercare products from your lash stylist for the first few days. This is usually a special cleanser and/or serum. Using other products can compromise results.
    3. Be very gentle when cleansing or touching your lashes for the first week. Don't rub or pull on them.
    4. Don't use mascara or any other eye makeup for 24-48 hours. The lashes need time to set in their curled position.
    5. Avoid heat from blowdryers, curling irons, etc near your eyes for a few days. Heat can disturb the shape of the lift.
    6. Sleep carefully on your back to avoid smushing your lashes against the pillow. Protect them with an eye mask if needed.
    7. Follow up with any appointments your stylist recommends to maintain the results. This is often needed around the 3 week mark.
    8. Results vary for each person depending on your natural lashes, lifestyle, and aftercare. But following proper steps will maximize your new look!
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