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Advance Premade Volume Fan Lashes 5D 0.07 - 480 Premade Fans

Advance Premade Volume Fan Lashes 5D 0.07 - 480 Premade Fans

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Advanced Premade Lash - the perfect solution for those who want a flawless lash look without the hassle of individually placing lashes. Made from premium materials, each lash is perfectly shaped and curved to fit your eye shape, ensuring that they look just as good as when you first opened the box.

Our lashes are innovated to cater to narrow and wide fans, with varying degrees of curl and thickness. Perfect for both beginners and trained volume artists, our pre-made fans come in a variety of widths and fan dimensions, allowing artists to create the perfect set for each individual.

Our new and improved Magnetic Box adds a touch of elegance to your lash collection. The durable aluminum sheet ensures that your lashes stay safe and secure, while the minimal adhesive used to attach each lash ensures easy removal without risking their integrity.

Choose from a range of quantities including 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 20, and more. Trust us to provide you with quality lashes that are both easy to use and long-lasting. Upgrade your lash game today with Advanced Premade Lash.

Product Description : 


16 LINEs


0.05mm | 0.07mm | 0.10mm




8-15 mm | Mix Type


Narrow | Wide


Short | Medium| Long



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